When planning out your proposal, there are some essential things to consider, along with few seasonal moves that the experts consider to be mandatory. The essentials: you MUST have the right ring (which we can absolutely help you out with), you definitely need to make it personal, you should always have a plan, and it’s a good idea to ask for the family’s blessing.

Now, let’s move on to the mandatories—the ideas that can help make your proposal more magical:

1– One Single Ornament On The Tree.
For the traditionalists, there’s a not-so-traditional way to ask your partner to marry you.

This five-step idea is pretty simple:

  • Step 1: Plan your normal tree decorating activity
  • Step 2: Get the tree
  • Step 3: String the lights
  • Step 4: Hang only one ornament (box with engagement ring in it) on the tree
  • Step 5: Invite your soon-to-be better half over for the surprise of his/her life

2– Art Gallery Awestruck. Guess what’s better than a framed picture of yourself? A framed caricature drawing of yourself on one knee proposing. This one is easy to pull off. Find a caricature artist to draw you proposing, then approach a local gallery and talk to the store manager. Ask them if you could temporarily hang a piece of art. Then, plan a date where you can casually wander in with your partner. This one is guaranteed to get the right response!  

3– Holiday Carolers. Throughout the ages, romantics have serenaded lovers with melodies. Anyone who’s ever seen a romantic comedy clearly knows that there’s nothing quite like a love ballad that will strike a chord with the object of your affection. And this idea aims to do just that. Fortunately, it’s easy to make happen. Just arrange for a group of holiday carolers to cross paths with you while on a date. (This could be while you’re eating dinner, or ice skating, or shopping at the mall.) After the first or second song, the group can end with “We Wish You A Married Christmas,” at which point you can drop to one knee and pull out your beautiful Morgan Jewelers engagement ring.

4– Santa’s Nice List. Again, if you remember from our list of essentials above, one of the must-haves in any successful proposal is to make a plan. In this scenario, approach a Santa in a mall near you and tell him about your engagement idea. What happens is that he will have a small book with the nice and naughty list of all boys and girls. When it’s your turn (after waiting in line) ask him to find your partner’s name. When he does, he’ll say that he/she is on the nice list, then you can drop down on one knee and propose. 

5– Chalk It Up. This idea will draw upon (no pun intended) your childhood coloring skills. All you need is a blank section of sidewalk (preferably along your favorite path) or a blank section of wall or brick (assuming you have permission to draw on it). Come up with a clever phrase to introduce your question, and write/draw. Then, invite your partner to join you for a beautiful winter stroll and let the writing on the wall do all the talking.

Remember: It’s a magical time of year, and a magical opportunity to get engaged. If you’re looking for a brilliant selection of diamond engagement and wedding rings this holiday season, look no further than Morgan Jewelers.