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Since 1914


Since 1914

Morgan Jewelers has been in the jewelry business since 1914. That’s over 100 years of serving you and your families. We are family owned and operated with our 4th generation of Morgan’s.

Today, our product and service offerings include: engagement rings, diamonds, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, repairs, financing and more. We have 16 stores across the Western U.S. to serve all your jewelry needs.

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Dreamy Designs for a Romantic Date Night

Put your best foot forward with these exquisite fashion jewelry styles available at Morgan Jewelers.

a cluster of bold fashion rings against a black background

Selecting jewelry for date night is an intimate ritual, an opportunity to decorate yourself with pieces that articulate sophistication and elegance. The right jewelry should not only complement the outfit but also serve as an extension of the wearer's personality. It's about choosing refined pieces that resonate with individual style, be it a delicate pendant, a pair of understated diamond studs, or a statement ring that sparks conversation. Each item should enhance one's presence, adding a whisper of glamor without overwhelming the ensemble. Morgan Jewelers prides itself on an incredible inventory of date-worthy pieces that promise to encompass your unique essence and elevate any evening.

a yellow gold chain necklace with a heart-shaped, diamond-studded pendant

Whimsical Heart Pendant

The undeniable allure of a heart pendant necklace makes it an ideal accessory for date night. This classic symbol of love and affection has reclaimed its spot in the fashion forefront, riding the waves of contemporary trends. This Shy Creation necklace, with its modern and bold design, offers just the right balance of romance and sophistication. Its charm lies in its ability to be both a statement and a story of intimacy, effortlessly complementing any ensemble. Wearing such a necklace signifies an openness to love's possibilities, making heart pendants a perfect match for the promise of a special evening.

a pair of mixed metal drop earrings featuring a blue center stone and accent diamonds

Dazzling Drop Earrings

Evoking the soft flicker of candlelight, drop earrings are an exquisite choice for enhancing the romantic ambiance of date night. These regal Le Vian earrings, with their delicate descent and glittering gems, sway gracefully with each turn of the head, naturally drawing the gaze to the face. Their design is not just striking but also strategic, as the sparkle accentuates one's features with a subtle play of light. This particular pair, with its light blue gems, is especially appropriate to bring out the color of its wearer’s eyes, promising to underscore their hue with an enchanting echo or contrast of color, making them undeniably unforgettable.

a classic white gold diamond tennis bracelet

Iconic Diamond Tennis Bracelet

An epitome of understated luxury, the iconic diamond tennis bracelet is the perfect accent for a sophisticated date night look. Its classic, linear design exudes a classic refinement that wraps the wrist in a continuous sparkle. Take, for instance, this Flashpoint Created Diamonds bracelet - its precision-set diamonds catch the light with every gesture, enhancing the wearer's every move with a graceful glimmer. Ideal for both a little black dress or a cocktail gown, this bracelet complements without overpowering, making it a versatile choice that signifies both style and grace for any romantic occasion.

a big, bold yellow gold fashion ring covered in diamonds

Glittering Fashion Ring

Making a statement with a big, bold, glittering fashion ring can elevate date night attire from lovely to show-stopping. This Amden ring from the Glamour collection is a prime example, capturing attention with its sizable design and the scintillating array of diamonds. Such a ring not only acts as a conversation starter but also adds an element of luxury and confidence to the wearer's presence. With each hand motion, the ring's brilliance is showcased, reflecting the ambient lighting and highlighting the thoughtful selection of one's accessories. It's a bold choice that speaks volumes about the wearer's fearless personal style.

a yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet on a white surface

Get Ready for Date Night at Morgan Jewelers

Embark on a journey to find the perfect date night sparkle at Morgan Jewelers. With 17 stores spanning across six states in the Rocky Mountain Region, a trove of sublime jewelry awaits. Each location offers an array of pieces that promise to delight and charm, ensuring you'll find that special adornment to heighten your evening. Our curated selection is matched only by our commitment to personalized service, making every visit a memorable experience. For an encounter that's as unique as our collection, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our dedicated team members at Morgan Jewelers.


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