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Since 1914


Since 1914

Morgan Jewelers has been in the jewelry business since 1914. That’s over 100 years of serving you and your families. We are family owned and operated with our 4th generation of Morgan’s.

Today, our product and service offerings include: engagement rings, diamonds, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, repairs, financing and more. We have 16 stores across the Western U.S. to serve all your jewelry needs.

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Engagement Ring Savings: Tips to Making a Cost-Effective Purchase

Ensure you’re getting the best value for your money while engagement ring shopping with this guide from our experts at Morgan Jewelers.

a woman’s hand holding a bouquet and wearing a simple engagement ring

Symbolizing a lifelong commitment, engagement rings encapsulate profound sentimental value and are crafted from sturdy materials to withstand the test of time. Their lasting beauty and strength reflect their significance, but also contribute to their cost. However, there are strategic ways to make your investment stretch further without sacrificing charm or quality. By choosing wisely among gem settings, metal types, and design options, you can find a balance that fits your budget. At Morgan Jewelers, we’ve crafted this detailed guide to help you navigate these choices, ensuring you find a symbol of your love that remains beautiful and meaningful through the years.

Select a Simple Setting

Opting for a simpler setting not only directs more of your budget towards securing a higher quality central gem, but also emphasizes its brilliance without distraction. Simplicity in design ensures that the focus remains on the stone's inherent beauty, making it stand out as the centerpiece of the jewelry. This approach can dramatically reduce costs as elaborate settings with numerous diamonds or intricate metal work are generally more expensive. Furthermore, a classic, understated setting is likely to remain in style for decades, aligning perfectly with the desire for a ring that remains timeless throughout your enduring commitment.

a white gold engagement ring next to gemstone studded fabric

Go Just Under a Carat

Choosing a gemstone that is slightly under traditional carat weights— like 0.9 instead of a full carat— can offer significant savings without a noticeable difference in size. These stones typically fall just short of the carat thresholds that trigger price increases, making them a savvy choice for budget-conscious buyers. The visual disparity between a 0.9 and a 1 carat diamond is minimal, yet the cost difference can be substantial. This strategy allows you to allocate funds towards other aspects of the ring, such as a higher quality setting or a better color and clarity, enhancing the overall appearance and value of your purchase.

Choose a Lower Karat Gold

Another option is to opt for 14K or 10K gold over 18K. This can serve as a wise economic choice without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal or longevity of your jewelry. These lower karat options contain a higher percentage of alloy metals, which not only reduces the price but also increases the durability of the band. Gold that is less pure resists scratches and wears better, making it ideal for rings that are worn daily. Additionally, the subtle difference in color between these karat ratings is often indistinguishable to the casual observer, allowing you to enjoy nearly the same rich appearance while benefiting from cost savings and enhanced resilience.

a bride’s hand resting on her arm, wearing a simple white gold engagement ring

Consider Alternative Gems

Exploring gemstone options beyond the traditional diamond can unveil a realm of affordability and distinctive beauty. Gems like sapphires, morganite, and moissanite not only come with a lower price tag but also offer unique colors and qualities that make them stand out. These alternatives provide durability and sparkle comparable to diamonds, allowing for a personal touch that aligns with individual tastes and budgets. Choosing a less conventional stone can also reflect a more personalized statement of style while keeping expenses manageable. This approach not only stretches your budget further but also ensures your ring is as unique as your relationship.

Look at Vintage Rings

Embracing the charm of vintage rings not only taps into a rich history, but also often results in saved costs compared to buying new. These pieces frequently come at a lower price, offering unique designs that are no longer commonly produced. Vintage rings can be particularly appealing for those who value craftsmanship and a story behind their jewelry. Additionally, choosing a vintage piece may include styles that are timeless, ensuring the ring remains fashionable through many years. By opting for vintage, you're not only making an economically savvy choice, but also potentially investing in a piece of history that holds personal and aesthetic significance.

a simple engagement ring on a white stand sitting under brown leaves

Use a Family Heirloom

Repurposing gemstones from family heirlooms infuses your engagement jewelry with both financial and sentimental value. By using diamonds or other precious stones that have been passed down through generations, you can significantly cut costs while enhancing the emotional significance of your ring. This approach allows for the creation of a piece that carries a rich history and personal stories, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Additionally, setting an heirloom gem in a new ring combines tradition with a touch of modern design, aligning it perfectly with contemporary tastes while preserving the legacy of your family's past.

a mixed metal engagement ring on a black stand

Find Your Engagement Ring at Morgan Jewelers

Discover your dream engagement ring at Morgan Jewelers, with seventeen locations across six states in the Rocky Mountain Region. With locations in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, explore our exquisite selection of designer engagement rings, each crafted to tell its unique love story. To truly find the perfect match, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members. Let us help you make the moment unforgettable.


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