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Since 1914


Since 1914

Morgan Jewelers has been in the jewelry business since 1914. That’s over 100 years of serving you and your families. We are family owned and operated with our 4th generation of Morgan’s.

Today, our product and service offerings include: engagement rings, diamonds, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, repairs, financing and more. We have 16 stores across the Western U.S. to serve all your jewelry needs.

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How to Take Care of Your Favorite Jewelry During Summer

Are you concerned that summer weather could possibly ruin your jewelry? Discover ways to prevent the sun, sand, and sea from damaging your favorite pieces.

In essence, jewelry doesn’t play well when you’re swimming, gardening or doing other hands-on activities outdoors. Sand is abrasive and can scratch stones and other metals causing long-term damage. Chlorine, salt water, and sweat can be extremely harmful to precious gems and metals. Understanding how to care for your jewelry is an essential component to its longevity.

Luckily, we will share how to keep your jewelry pristine during the summer season. We will explore everything from packing for vacations, what to avoid, and how to clean your pieces regularly. You can consider this your definitive guide to summer jewelry care and we guarantee your accessories will be the brightest on the block. Follow along as we highlight our top 4 tips for caring for your jewelry in the summer.


It’s no secret that summer means we’re constantly making a splash, strolling along the sandy shores, adventuring into the fresh outdoors and relishing all the ways to have fun in the sun. This means exposure to the sun is going to be elevated during these warmer months and the sun can cause a lot of damage to your precious jewelry pieces.

Certain types of gemstones will start to fade in too much sunlight. Be careful with amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, rose quartz, and opal amongst others. A quick search of your favorite gems will let you know which pieces are safe to don in a full day of sun. However, you can just keep it simple: save the beautiful gemstone jewelry for the evening soirees and Sunday brunch!


Do you have a vacation on the horizon? Wherever your destination lies, you’ll want to have plenty of stunning summer jewelry options to dress up an outfit. If you intend to travel frequently with your jewels, it’s worth investing in a storage case specially designed for jewelry. The key is to keep each piece separate from each other so there’s less risk of scratches, tangling or chipping precious stones.

In a pinch, you can pack each piece in its own small plastic bag. This will help protect your pieces and keep all your jewelry shining and as bright as ever. Please remember never to put pearls in the plastic for prolonged periods of time, as they will dry out and no longer have their luster. Always remember to keep your jewelry stored properly and safely when you are on vacation.


In the summertime, everyone’s skin needs a little extra care. That means applying—and re-applying—sunscreen, body lotions and oils. These products can create a residue build-up on your favorite pieces of jewelry. Chemicals in the products also have the potential to change the color of your jewels and create a dull, lackluster appearance.

The good news is there are ways to prevent this from happening by regularly cleaning your jewelry at home or simply not wearing any pieces once you know where you are going is not jewelry friendly. If you are a woman that must wear jewelry to feel put-together (we can relate!), consider wearing pieces that are easy to take off before applying lotions.


When cleaning your jewelry at home, proceed on the side of caution. Most gemstones can be suitably cleaned with warm soapy water (not detergents) and a soft toothbrush. If you don’t have special metal cleaners, gold jewelry can be cleaned with diluted dish soap, while sterling silver benefits from a solution of baking soda.

Although, some polishing solutions and pastes can be too abrasive for soft or porous gems. When cleaning your jewelry yourself, make sure your jewelry is completely dry before storing it because you should never put damp jewelry away. If you’re unsure how to proceed with the proper cleaning methods, seek help from your local jeweler.


After all these tips for keeping jewelry looking perfect in the summer, head over to Morgan Jewelers to see all of our fresh and trending jewelry pieces that just hit the market. It’s time for you to add a pop of color or a beautiful accessory to your summer wardrobe. Our team is dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients find jewelry that brightens their day.


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