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Since 1914


Since 1914

Morgan Jewelers has been in the jewelry business since 1914. That’s over 100 years of serving you and your families. We are family owned and operated with our 4th generation of Morgan’s.

Today, our product and service offerings include: engagement rings, diamonds, wedding bands, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, repairs, financing and more. We have 16 stores across the Western U.S. to serve all your jewelry needs.

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Unique, Distinctive Engagement Rings

Find an engagement ring that is nearly as unique as you are with the help of our team at Morgan Jewelers.

A bride holding her bouquet and wearing an emerald cut halo engagement ring

Engagement rings hold immense significance in symbolizing the promise of a lifelong commitment between two individuals. The perfect ring should reflect the unique personality of its wearer, as it is likely to be worn every day. A one-of-a-kind engagement ring not only celebrates the individual's character but also adds a touch of exclusivity to the love story. For those seeking an exceptional piece, Morgan Jewelers offers an exquisite collection of unique engagement rings. Each ring is meticulously crafted, ensuring that the beauty and distinctiveness of the design resonate with the individuality of the person wearing it, making it truly special. We’ve selected five outstanding rings from our inventory that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, to serve as inspiration for you on your shopping journey.

A silver engagement ring with a two-tiered halo, one of which is set in rose gold

Mixed Metal, Double Halo

Bring plenty of extraordinary visual interest to your engagement ring with halos of accent stones and mixed metal details. This stunning Love Story engagement ring features an alluring blend of mixed metals, combining the warmth of rose gold with the timelessness of white gold. The double halo design encircles a breathtaking center stone, intensifying its brilliance while adding a contemporary touch. This striking piece showcases intricate craftsmanship, marrying the two-toned metals in balanced harmony. A testament to your unique love story, this ring stands out as an unforgettable symbol of your cherished bond.

A silver halo engagement ring with an octagonal silhouette

Geometric Detail

Dazzling geometric details bring a modern and sophisticated edge to engagement rings, offering a captivating interplay of shapes and lines. The octagonal halo in this Shah Luxury Promezza ring adds a striking visual appeal, framing the center stone with an artistic touch. This ring is meticulously prepared with a delicate diamond-studded band, enhancing the overall magnetism of the design. The geometric elements create an intriguing visual symmetry, embodying the unique character of your love story and setting it apart from the rest.

Floral halo engagement ring

Floral Halo

Evoke a sense of feminine charm in your engagement ring with floral details, delicately intertwining nature's beauty with a romantic touch. The Amden Glamour ring features an enchanting floral halo, elegantly hugging the center stone in a petal-like embrace. This design feature adds a gentle grace, exuding an air of sophistication and refinement. The ring's artful craftsmanship celebrates the connection between nature and love, making it a symbol of your blossoming relationship and eternal devotion.

A silver engagement ring with four princess-cut center stones arranged in a square

Mosaic Effect

Many modern brides are embracing the allure of multiple center stones, creating a mesmerizing mosaic-like effect in their engagement rings. This Beautiful Bride ring is a prime example, featuring four stunning princess-cut diamonds, artfully arranged to form a larger, unified centerpiece. The combined brilliance of the diamonds creates a dazzling visual impact, embodying the harmonious union of two lives. This innovative design speaks to the contemporary bride who seeks a unique, yet timeless representation of her love story.

An emerald cut engagement ring in a halo setting

Rectangular Halo

A rectangular halo offers an extraordinary and unconventional touch to an emerald-cut engagement ring, elevating its visual draw. We’re especially excited about this Flashpoint Created Diamonds ring that showcases a gorgeous emerald cut center stone, framed by a captivating rectangular halo. The unique shape accentuates the elongated elegance of the emerald cut, creating the ideal balance between classic and contemporary aesthetics. This premium piece signifies sophistication and individuality, making it a remarkable choice for the discerning bride-to-be.

A woman in a pink blouse wearing a silver watch and a gold engagement ring

Discover Unique Engagement Rings at Morgan Jewelers

It would be our distinct pleasure here at Morgan Jewelers, to provide you with the engagement ring you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. No matter the style of ring you’re after, we’re certain that one of our seventeen locations across the Rocky Mountain Region has a piece that will stun and inspire you. Allow our team of experts to guide you through our inventory to find the unique engagement ring for you. Set a reservation today for a personalized consultation with one of our team members, or browse our inventory online at your convenience.


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