Flowers? Candy? Cards with a billion hearts? C’mon, you can do way better. And even though a thoughtful card or an impromptu shoulder rub can earn you a couple of extra points, if you really want to bring on the “wow” factor this Valentine’s Day, consider the following five gifts. It’s very possible that you’ve missed the subtle hints your significant other has been texting/whispering/pinning for the last month. And you know what? That’s okay—we get it. We’re here to help. And to prove that we’ve got your back, we put together a list of Valentine’s Gift Ideas that will make it seem like you’ve been planning this for months. (Wink, wink.)

LEVEL OF COMMITMENT: “SORTA PLAYING THE FIELD” GO WITH: COOL SHADES Looking cool doesn’t have to break the bank. And what better way to say, “Hey, I really like you and I WANT to be seen with you” than with a pair of stylish shades?

LEVEL OF COMMITMENT: “TECHNICALLY SINGLE, BUT WORKING TO CHANGE THAT” GO WITH: ROMANTIC DINNER (THAT YOU MAKE) With a little research and shopping, you can pull this off with minimal sweat and swears. Find out (on the sly) what kinds of foods your date likes, then study up online and hit the grocery store. Soon enough, you’ll have the perfect love potion whipped up.

LEVEL OF COMMITMENT: “DATING (THE SAME PERSON) FOR A FEW MONTHS” GO WITH: STERLING SILVER BRACELET Flowers are beautiful, but have a habit of wilting after a few days. A pretty bracelet lasts a lot longer, and goes a long way in showing your special someone that you plan on sticking around. 

LEVEL OF COMMITMENT: “FULLY” GO WITH: NECKLACE A good relationship = a relationship with love. And love is built on shared experiences, respect, and buying the gift that makes your sweetheart feel good, happy, and confident. A beautiful necklace like this does that. 

LEVEL OF COMMITMENT: “ENGAGEMENT” GO WITH: DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING But if you’re looking for one way to say those three important words (“I LOVE YOU”), then look no further than a diamond ring. It’s classy, it’s elegant, and it’s timeless. 

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