We’re all familiar with that famous roster of reindeer who capably help Santa get his big bag of presents up and down roofs every year. You know, like Dancer, the one with the amazing dance moves? Or Prancer, the most graceful reindeer to ever shimmy across a shingled two-story. And who could forget Comet, the charming, easygoing life of the party?


Well, just like each one of these reindeer has a unique personality, spirit, and purpose in getting the job done, so do each one of the special holiday gifts you can get from Morgan Jewelers—and depending on which one you choose to give, it will tell you which kind of reindeer you are.


So … let’s find out.  



There are watches that tell time, and there are watches that do so much more. At Morgan Jewelers, we sell a wide range of styles from top designer brands like Bulova, Reactor, and Wittnauer. These handsome wristwatches are more than just timepieces that keeps time, they’re well-made fashion statements that upgrade any wardrobe. (Just like the reindeer who’s a natural born leader, solid with directions, and always fashionable, but never late.)




These beautiful, eye-catching accessories literally hang down from the earlobe and … like their name suggests, dangle. The key is that they have movement. So whether it’s a diamond, a sapphire, or even a pair of rubies, these ornamental gifts are the perfect thing to add a little more sparkle to the face. (Something that’s very similar to the reindeer who commands a room with a magnetic presence, is loved by all, and who is never out of step.)




Interesting historical fact: The name of this kind of bracelet arose after a famous women’s tennis champion, Chris Evert, lost a diamond bracelet during a match in the 1987 US Open. Evert asked officials to postpone her match until her bracelet was found. This “accident” sparked a desire for new diamond bracelets, causing a bit of a craze for what became affectionately known as the tennis bracelet. These thin, simple, sleek, and elegant bracelets are a classic holiday gift and are often made from platinum or gold. (Which is very similar to the reindeer who streaks across the sky with a beautiful burst of energy and keeps things going where they should be.)




What more is there to say about the most famous of all romantic gifts? Maybe that no other gem can express an emotion like love quite as powerfully. Diamonds are rare, and therefore precious. And that makes them the ultimate symbol for true love. So when you’re making your final considerations about what gift to give, look no further than one of these. They will always make a huge impact. (Almost identical to the reindeer who’s incredibly strong, very flirtatious, and who always seems to be waiting under the mistletoe for the right buck to come along.)



Now that you know which kind of reindeer you are—it’s time to take that gift, give it to your special someone … and sleigh it. If you’re looking for a brilliant selection of diamond engagement and wedding rings, come stop by one of our Morgan Jewelers stores.