There are several factors that come into play when picking the perfect rock.
There are also many myths that hinder plenty of prospective proposals.

So what’s true and what’s not?
Let’s take a minute to debunk a few delusions:

Myth 1: The ring has to be worth two or three month’s salary.
Surely you’ve heard this one before. It’s been a worry for many a young man over the years, especially if their last name isn’t Rockefeller. But there’s good news for the other 99% of us: this is an arbitrary number that was created decades ago by the De Beers company to grow the diamond industry. That’s it. Fortunately, things are now different. Instead of worrying about a specific price point, it’s much better to find a ring she’ll love and one that fits within your personal budget.

Myth 2: Bigger diamonds are better.
While the size of the diamond is certainly something to consider when choosing one, it’s not the only thing. The color, the cut and clarity (remember the 4Cs?) also factor in to the value of the diamond. But apart from the actual specifics of the ring, how your significant other feels about it is one of the things that matter the most. And this doesn’t always pertain to size.

Myth 3: You should never shop with your significant other.
This is ridiculous. One of the best things a couple can do when thinking about getting engaged is shop together. Think about it this way: When her birthday rolls around, do you just take a guess about what she wants? Heck no. You’ve been a good partner and have been listening all year and picking up hints, so you know exactly what to get her. And there is also that teeny, tiny, but really important, thing of actually knowing her. Shopping for an engagement ring is the same way. You can both look at options and you can observe and listen and this will give you a really good idea about what she wants. And you can make it a surprise by how you ask her.

Myth 4: You need to know her exact ring size.
Nobody wants to get busted for snooping around in a jewelry box. And if you get caught, it’s worse. Thankfully, you don’t need to know her ring size before coming in—that’s what we’re here for! And we will make it easy. First, you can take advantage of our in-house goldsmiths, who are experts in sizing rings. They can help you determine the perfect size to get. We’re also happy to have one of our female employees use their hands as a “comparable.” But ultimately, it’s best to “form fit” the ring to your significant other. This is similar to tailoring a suit to a man. An extremely important measurement process, because without fit, even the most elegant-looking ring won’t look that elegant if it’s constantly sliding around her finger. And here’s something else: Say you happen to find a ring she absolutely loves but you don’t know her size yet? That’s okay too—we can do this after your purchase or proposal. So ditch your midnight jewelry box raid plan, and just come visit one of our stores. We’ll save you the hassle of guessing and make you both look good. You can also download and print our ring sizing guide.

Myth 5: She shouldn’t know that you’re shopping for her ring.
Are you kidding? This is one of the better ways to provide assurance in someone that you’re committed to the relationship. It also creates some anticipation and excitement for something incredible to come. (Especially when shopping for a beautiful diamond ring at one of our stores.) Our advice is to not keep it a secret, and be open about your intentions. Because when you are, you might get lucky (with some hints about what your partner really wants).

Now that we’ve cleared up some common misconceptions, we’re ready to help you select the right diamond.
So come see us soon and we’ll help you get started!